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Summer Enrichment classes are open to children who reside in the Madison Metropolitan School District and have completed grades K-4 in the current school year. The curriculum is designed to provide expanded learning opportunities and experiences for interested students who are self-motivated and committed to participation. Students are expected to attend all 28 days of the Summer School program and may be un-enrolled from Summer School if they have 5 excused or unexcused absences. If you are planning a vacation, or if there are other circumstances that will cause your student to miss more than the days allowed by this policy, we recommend that you not enroll your child.

Each elementary school site will offer the same six classes. Depending on student enrollment, more classes may be added at a later time. All enrichment classes will last for three weeks, so for every period of enrichment a child has on their schedule, they will be able to take two different classes.  Students who enroll in our enrichment program will take six of our enrichment classes during Summer School. 


Here are the classes we offered in Summer School 2019. These classes may change from year to year: 

  • Creative Expressions - Time to get creative! Students will have the opportunity to express themselves through the power of art with paint, drawing, and more.
  • Engineering with Legos - We are taking our love for Legos up a notch! Students will be able to experiment with Legos in new ways and will reinforce introductory STEM concepts.
  • Nature’s Artists - We are using the beautiful world around us to make art! Students will take what they find from nature and create something new while capturing their experience through photography.
  • Movement and Mindfulness - Students will move, play, and overall have fun while having the opportunity to learn mindfulness techniques.
  • Taking Learning Outdoors - Time to take learning outdoors with a hands on class that focuses on learning about the environment in and around our community.
  • Technology and Robotics - Crack into the secrets of basic coding and discover robotics techniques in fun and interactive ways.