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Elementary school sites (Grades 3-4)

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Glendale Elementary

  • Feeder schools: Allis, Emerson, Glendale, Gompers, Hawthorne, Elvehjem, Nuestro Mundo, Lapham, Lowell, Marquette, Kennedy, Schenk, Lake View, Lindbergh, Mendota, Sandburg
    • Offers Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programming

Lincoln Elementary

  • Feeder schools: Lincoln, Midvale, Van Hise, Falk, Huegel, Orchard Ridge, Chavez, Leopold, Crestwood, Stephens, Muir, Olson, Thoreau, Randall, Franklin, Shorewood
    • Offers Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programming

Middle School Sites (Grades 5-7)


  • Feeder schools: Sennett, O'Keeffe, Whitehorse, Badger Rock, Black Hawk, Sherman
  • 5th graders from East Side Elementary Schools
    • Offers Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programming
    • Offers Math Bridge


  • Feeder schools: Wright, Hamilton, Toki, Jefferson, Cherokee, Spring Harbor
  • 5th graders from West Side Elementary Schools
    • Offers Math Bridge

High school sites (Grades 8-12)


  • Feeder schools: 8th graders from Black Hawk, O'Keeffe and Sherman, current East students 

La Follette

  • Feeder schools: 8th graders from Badger Rock, Sennett and Whitehorse, current La Follette students 


  • Feeder schools: 8th graders from Jefferson, Spring Harbor and Toki, current Memorial students 


  • Feeder schools: 8th graders from Cherokee, Hamilton and Wright, current West students