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Dates 2020

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Elementary & Middle school sites

  • Week of March 2: Summer school invitations are sent to families. These are the first and only letters sent to families.  

  • March 11, at 9am to May 1 at 4pm: Summer school enrollment period

  • Week of May 20th: Families accept or decline enrollment for Virtual offering

  • Week of May 25th: Families receive email confirmation of enrollment

  • Monday, June 22 - Friday, July 31: MMSD Summer School (no school on July 3).

High school sites

  • Mid-March: High school summer course catalog available

  • Week of April 6: High school enrollment opens

  • Monday, June 22 - Thursday, July 30: MMSD Summer High School. Summer high school is only Monday - Thursday.


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When is Summer School?

Monday June 22nd to Friday July 31st 2020

Where can I enroll?

Enrollment has closed for grades 3-7. For High School Credit Recovery and First-Time Credit options, please contact your child's academic advisor.

Where can I find my username and/or password?

Click here to change your password. Your new password confirmation email will include your username.

When can parents enroll for the summer school program?

For grades 3-7, summer school enrollment is from Wednesday, March 11 at 9am until Friday, May 1st at 4pm.
For grades 8-12, enrollment is ongoing. Please contact your child’s academic advisor for course offerings.

How can a student be invited to summer school?

Invitations are based on a variety of factors including test scores, grades, and teacher recommendations. Please verify with your school’s secretary or principal to see if a student has been invited.

What are the summer school sites?

Click here to view this year's summer school sites.

What happens if the enrollment deadline has passed and a family still would like to enroll?

Students may not enroll in summer school after the enrollment deadline has passed.


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Enrichment courses are not offered in 2020's virtual format.

Food & Nutrition

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Please visit the Food & Nutrition website for details during the Safer at Home order.

When are meals served?

Community sites vary times, check the website for more details.

If a student is not in the summer school program, are they still be eligible for meals?

Yes. There are multiple sites that serve meals. For nearby sites, text “FOOD” to 877877 or call 211.

What is the cost?

All meals are free for all students.

What food is served?

Each child will receive a grab & go lunch plus breakfast for the next day. Menus can be found on the Food and Nutrition website.

What if a student has allergies or special dietary needs?

Please go to the Food Allergy & Special Dietary Needs website.

Can a student take any meals home?

During Safer at Home, meals must be eaten off-site.

The above frequently asked questions are based on the FAQs accessible on MMSD’s Food and Nutrition website.


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Who do I talk to about my student’s health related questions?

Please contact Sally Zirbel-Donish at 608-663-8427 or zirbeldonis@madison.k12.wi.us for any questions or concerns related to your student’s health.


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How do I know if my student was invited to attend summer school?

Students who are invited to summer school will receive an invitation letter via postal mail. This will be sent out before the beginning of enrollment in mid-March. Parents/guardians may always talk to the school secretary or principal to verify.

Why do I not see my other student(s)? They are siblings.

Not all siblings are invited to summer school. Please talk to the student’s school to learn about these requirements.

My teacher recommended my student; why weren't they invited?

Although a teacher may recommend a student, that does not ensure that the student has been invited.

If my 4k student was invited, why weren't my other students?

If a 4K student was invited to summer school, their older siblings aren't automatically invited.

Jumpstart to Kindergarten

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Our goal is to be able to provide a safe environment in order to meet the needs of our students during summer programming. The Madison Metropolitan School District is following guidance from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the Dane County/Madison Public Health Department to keep students and staff safe and healthy.  Because of the current situation with COVID-19 we are unable to hold face-to-face Summer School 2020.  The cancellation of face-to-face Summer School includes cancellation of the Jumpstart to Kindergarten Program. We are sorry that we are unable to hold this program as it is one of the best parts of Summer School.

In order to provide students with access to summer learning opportunities, the following will be provided to all students who are currently enrolled for summer school 2020.  There will be additional information during the summer.

  1. We will distribute ReadUp books and a bag to students for pick up at designated sites

  2. Along with ReadUp books we will include math activities that students and their families can do together.

We realize that you were eager to have your children involved to help them be prepared for the upcoming school year.  Please watch for information from the principals of your child’s school regarding the start of school next fall.  All of the principals, teachers, and staff members will be eager to welcome your children, make them comfortable, and support their success in the fall.

Thank you for your interest in having your children involved in the Madison Metropolitan School District Summer School program.  We look forward to welcoming them in the Summer of 2021!

Math Bridge

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What is the program?

The Math Bridge program is for current 2019-2020 6th and 7th grade students who are not currently on an accelerated math track. Math Bridge offers them the opportunity to take a math course over the summer. By completing a math course over the summer, these students can then take an accelerated math course the following school year, during their 7th or 8th grade year.

math bridge diagram

What are the options for Math Bridge students?

For the Summer 2020 program, the Math Bridge course will only be offered virtually

Is there an option for students who cannot not attend?

Yes, there is an online resource that touches some of the Math Bridge curriculum. Students can study independently to practice for the August placement test for advanced math. The modules that most closely correlate to the standards are:

  • Module 2: Topics A,B,D
  • Module 3: Topics B and C
  • Module 4: Topics A,B,C,E,
  • Module 5: Topic A

If my student did not qualify for the program, can they still attend?

Yes. Approval of the principal is required. Once they give approval, the student can enroll via the summer school enrollment application.


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Please visit the MSCR Website for details about Summer offerings.


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Is my student required to attend?

Yes, a student that qualifies as a non-promotion student is required to attend summer school determined by state law and MMSD School Board Policy 3537.

What are the non-promotion criteria for 8th graders?

The criteria are based on grades and state-mandated assessments. The student’s cumulative GPA in 7th and 8th grade in core areas of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies is the primary determining factor. A GPA under 1.67 in any one or more core areas qualifies them as non-promotion.

Will my student be able to walk at 8th grade graduation?

Yes, all non-promotion students are able to walk in the graduation ceremony.

My student has an IEP, are they still required to attend?

All 8th grade non-promotion students are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your school’s counselor for more information.

How can my student be promoted to 9th grade?

They must attend summer school.

Summer High School

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All high school scheduling is completed at the high school sites. Students in grades 8-12 will either be recommended to attend to recover credits or have the option of completing first-time credits. If you have any questions regarding courses, class meeting times, etc., please contact the high school directly.

When is the program?

  • Monday - Thursday June 22nd - July 30th.

How can students sign up?

Enrollment in Summer School has closed

For more information, please contact the student’s school counselor or their high school.