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Dates 2020

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Elementary & Middle school sites

  • Week of March 2: Summer school invitations are sent to families. These are the first and only letters sent to families.  

  • March 11, at 9am to April 17 at 4pm: Summer school enrollment period

  • Week of May 18th: Families receive email confirmation of enrollment

  • Monday, June 22 - Friday, July 31: MMSD Summer School (no school on July 3).

High school sites

  • Mid-March: High school summer course catalog available

  • Week of April 6: High school enrollment opens

  • Monday, June 22 - Thursday, July 30: MMSD Summer High School. Summer high school is only Monday - Thursday.


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When is Summer School?

Monday June 22nd to Friday July 31st 2020, 8am -12:15pm.

Where can I enroll?

Online. Click here to enroll.

Where can I find my username and/or password?

Click here to change your password. Your new password confirmation email will include your username.

When can parents enroll for the summer school program?

Summer school enrollment is from Wednesday, March 11 at 9am until Friday, April 17 at 4pm.

How can a student be invited to summer school?

Invitations are based on a variety of factors including test scores, grades, and teacher recommendations. Please verify with your school’s secretary or principal to see if a student has been invited.

What are the summer school sites?

Click here to view this year's summer school sites.

What happens if the enrollment deadline has passed and a family still would like to enroll?

Students may not enroll in summer school after the enrollment deadline has passed.


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What is enrichment?

Enrichment classes complete a student’s schedule in summer school. The curriculum is designed to provide expanded learning opportunities and experiences.

What are the enrichment courses?

View the course descriptions.

Who can enroll in enrichment courses?

Only students enrolled in summer school and their siblings can enroll in enrichment courses. Please note that the siblings of 4K students cannot enroll in enrichment courses (unless they too are invited to summer school).

Can students choose their courses?

No, we do not allow students to choose their courses.

When can students enroll in enrichment courses?

Students can enroll in enrichment courses when they enroll in their other summer school courses via online summer school enrollment.

Food & Nutrition

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When are meals served?

Breakfast is from 7:45am - 8:15am, Lunch 12:15pm - 1:15pm. Summer School and MSCR offer snacks for students enrolled in their programming. *Community sites vary times, check the website for more details.

Where is lunch provided?

All summer school sites, other than high schools, will provide meals.

If a student is not in the summer school program, are they still be eligible for meals?

Yes. There are multiple sites that serve meals. For nearby sites, text “FOOD” to 877877 or call 211.

What is the cost?

All meals are free for all students.

What food is served?

Breakfast/Snack/Lunch menus are released around the week prior to the start of summer school. Menus can be found on the Food and Nutrition website.

What if a student has allergies or special dietary needs?

Please go to the Food Allergy & Special Dietary Needs website.

Can a student take any meals home?

Per USDA regulations, meals must be eaten on site.

The above frequently asked questions are based on the FAQs accessible on MMSD’s Food and Nutrition website.


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Who do I talk to about my student’s health related questions?

Please contact Sally Zirbel-Donish at 608-663-8427 or zirbeldonis@madison.k12.wi.us for any questions or concerns related to your student’s health.


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How do I know if my student was invited to attend summer school?

Students who are invited to summer school will receive an invitation letter via postal mail. This will be sent out before the beginning of enrollment in mid-March. Parents/guardians may always talk to the school secretary or principal to verify.

Why do I not see my other student(s)? They are siblings.

Not all siblings are invited to summer school. Please talk to the student’s school to learn about these requirements.

My teacher recommended my student; why weren't they invited?

Although a teacher may recommend a student, that does not ensure that the student has been invited.

If my 4k student was invited, why weren't my other students?

If a 4K student was invited to summer school, their older siblings aren't automatically invited.

Jumpstart to Kindergarten

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When is the program?

Jump Start is the same time as K-7 Summer School and will run for 6 weeks, 8am - 12:15pm, June 22nd - July 31st. 4K students are the only age group that stay in one class during the entire morning session.

What is the program?

The program is a method for new students to develop important kindergarten skills through play and exploration.

What do students do in the program?

They have opportunities to work on early literacy and math by counting, solving puzzles, learning to write their name, and exploring through books.

Which summer school sites will provide the program?

All summer elementary schools will offer the program.

How can I find which school an address corresponds to?

Use the Find Your School application to find the corresponding MMSD school. Then look up the corresponding summer school site here.

How can a parent enroll their 4K student?

First, the student needs to be enrolled into the district. Once they are enrolled as a student in MMSD, they are able to enroll in this program via the online summer school enrollment application.

Can the bus take students to a daycare before and/or after the program?

There are no direct stops at daycare sites. Parents can request the address of the daycare center, but the bus stop the MMSD transportation department assigns to the requested address can be up to 0.25 miles from it.

What if a parent wants to apply for early entrance to kindergarten?

All information regarding early entrance requests can be found here. If you have questions, contact the office of Early Learning at 663-5211.

Math Bridge

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What is the program?

The Math Bridge program is for current 2019-2020 6th and 7th grade students who are not currently on an accelerated math track. Math Bridge offers them the opportunity to take a math course over the summer. By completing a math course over the summer, these students can then take an accelerated math course the following school year, during their 7th or 8th grade year.

math bridge diagram

Which schools offer the program?

Math Bridge 7a: Black Hawk, Jefferson, Sennett, Wright

Math Bridge 8:   Black Hawk, Jefferson, Sennett, Wright

What are the options for Math Bridge students?

There are 3 options for Math Bridge students:

  • Math Bridge Class only: select from 3 time preferences: 8am, 9:26 or 10:52.
  • Full Morning 8am-12:15pm: Includes Math Bridge class + 2 enrichment classes.
  • Full Day 8am-4pm: Includes Math Bridge + 2 enrichment classes + MSCR program.

Is there transportation available for this program?

No. Bus passes are available for purchase on Metro Transit’s website.

Is there an option for students who cannot not attend?

Yes, there is an online resource that touches some of the Math Bridge curriculum. Students can study independently to practice for the August placement test for advanced math. The modules that most closely correlate to the standards are:

  • Module 2: Topics A,B,D
  • Module 3: Topics B and C
  • Module 4: Topics A,B,C,E,
  • Module 5: Topic A

What are the enrichment classes?

View enrichment classes.

Do students need a calculator?

No, everything is provided for students in summer school.

Can students switch their class?

Depends, if there is room in the class. After May parents need to wait until the program starts and they can ask their summer school site.

If my student did not qualify for the program, can they still attend?

Yes. Approval of the principal is required. Once they give approval, the student can enroll via the summer school enrollment application.


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What is the program?

There are two programs based on age:

  • YRC (Youth Recreation Center) 5th-7th
  • SREC (Summer Recreation and Enrichment Centers) 4K-4th

The program provides students with positive student engagement, recreation, enrichment, outdoor play and Summer Food program meals in an inclusive, enriching, and safe environment. Students that attend have lunch at the start of the program, and an afternoon snack. There are a variety of recreation and enrichment activities (outdoor and large group games, science, art, music and more).

In which schools will the program be available?

All 4K- 7th grade summer school sites have MSCR. 

Who can enroll?

Students in grades K4-7 invited to enroll in MMSD Summer School can enroll in MSCR. The program is not available for students in ESY or the Math Bridge-only program.

How can a parent enroll for MSCR?

Parents can choose to send a student to MSCR through online enrollment by selecting the “Full day attendance”. This option includes both MSCR and Summer School from 8am - 4pm.

When is the program?

12:15pm - 4:00pm, June 22nd - July 31st.

What is the cost?

  • $115 - full fee per student
  • $57.50 - students who pay a reduced fee for lunch
  • $0 - students who receive free lunch or in the Transition Education Program (TEP)

What if a parent is unable to cover the full cost?

For questions regarding eligibility for a reduced fee, please call Ruth Schultz 663-5365 or James Beilke 663-5362 with MMSD Student Fees and Accounting Office.

How can I pay?

There are two options:

  1. Pay now via check to Summer School Office at 545 W Dayton St. 53703.
  2. Pay online via Infinite Campus once summer programming starts.

What if a family would like to sign-up for MSCR but the enrollment deadline has passed?

They should call the Summer School Office at 663-1914 to be placed on a waitlist.

What do my students need to bring?

Students do not need to bring anything. We always recommend that they come with a pair of running shoes for outdoors activities.

Do I need to sign them up for activities?

No, MSCR will provide a variety of activities for students throughout the summer.


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Is my student required to attend?

Yes, a student that qualifies as a non-promotion student is required to attend summer school determined by state law and MMSD School Board Policy 3537.

4th grade specific:

What are the non-promotion criteria?

The criteria are based on grades and state-mandated assessments. If the student earns a score of “Emerging/E” in one or more of the core contact areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies (or Spanish Language Arts for DLI), they are at risk for non-promotion. Please talk to the student’s school for more information regarding their promotion status.

8th grade specific:

What are the non-promotion criteria?

The criteria are based on grades and state-mandated assessments. The student’s cumulative GPA in 7th and 8th grade in core areas of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies is the primary determining factor. A GPA under 1.67 in any one or more core areas qualifies them as non-promotion.

Will my student be able to walk at 8th grade graduation?

Yes, all non-promotion students are able to walk in the graduation ceremony.

My student has an IEP, are they still required to attend?

All 8th grade non-promotion students are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your school’s counselor for more information.

How can my student be promoted to 9th grade?

They must attend summer school.

What is high school 101? Why do students take it?

All non-promotion 8th graders take part in the HS 101 class their entire first week of summer school. Students learn about their new high school, meet peers, practice study techniques, and learn about activities, events and what to expect their freshman year.

Summer High School

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All high school scheduling is completed at the high school sites. Students in grades 8-12 will either be recommended to attend to recover credits or have the option of completing first-time credits. If you have any questions regarding courses, class meeting times, etc., please contact the high school directly.

When is the program?

  • Monday - Thursday June 22nd - July 30th.
  • East, Memorial and West: 8am - 12:15pm
  • La Follette: 7:35 - 11:50am.

How can students sign up?

Students/families should talk to their school counselor and complete the correct form for registration.

  • Summer High School Registration Form (9th -12th grade)
  • Summer High School Registration Form (8th grade)

Where is the list of courses?

Check out the Summer High School Course Catalog to view the list of courses.

Where is the sign-up for High School 101?

Click here to view the High School 101 page. If you have any questions about the program, contact Diane Blum at 608-204-3022.

How can students receive a bus pass?

Bus passes are free for students who are part of the TEP or receive free or reduced price lunch. Students can pick them up at their summer high school office on the first day of summer programming. If a student is not part of TEP and does not receive lunch for free or for a reduced price, they can buy a bus pass on Metro Transit's website.

For more information, please contact the student’s school counselor or their high school.


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How can a student qualify for transportation on the yellow buses?

All of the following must be true:

  • Lives within MMSD attendance area
  • Student is in 4K-7th grade during the 2019-2020 school year
  • Residential address is greater than 1.5 miles from the summer school site
  • Lives within their summer school attendance area or within its feeder pattern
  • Is NOT enrolled into Math Bridge only

ESY students are provided transportation. Parents should speak with Bob Byington in the Transportation department.

When is transportation available?

Transportation is available before summer school (8am) and after MSCR (4pm). There is no midday transportation.Students in 5th-7th grade who receive free/reduced price lunch can receive a bus pass if they do not participate in MSCR.

Where can I find the route information and stop times?

Bus stop information is sent to families in mid/late May. You can view past bus routes. Buses do not pick up students at their requested address. Instead, the buses pick up/drop off students at designated community stops. These stops can be up to 0.25 miles away from requested pick up/drop off addresses.

How can a student qualify for a free bus pass?

Students in 5th-7th grade are eligible for a free bus pass if they receive free or reduced lunch plan AND only attend summer programming from 8am -12:15pm.

Where can a student pick up the bus pass?

Students can pick their pass up from the summer school secretary at the start of programming.

How can I change the pickup/drop off address?

If the enrollment deadline has not passed, you can log into the enrollment application and update the addresses. If the enrollment deadline has passed, please call the Summer School Office at 608-663-1914 or email summerschool@madison.k12.wi.us.

Are there special transportation accommodations for students with IEPs or students in the TEP?

During the summer there are NO transportation accommodations for students with an IEP or who receive special busing throughout the regular academic school year. For transportation questions about TEP students, please contact TEP Transportation at 442-2897.

How will students know which bus they should take?

The buses are yellow badger buses. Every route will be assigned a color and name and will be posted on the bus window at all times. Ex: Pink Flamingo

How can a family make sure they have requested transportation?

Information will be sent to them in their confirmation letter once they enroll.