Summer Semester 2021:

We are excited to share initial information on the 2021 MMSD Summer Semester. We are intentionally creating another semester of school to occur in the summer; a continuation of learning, time for students to accelerate their learning and get on track for graduation to become college, career and community ready.   We recognize that due to the disruption in learning when schools closed in March 2020 and the ongoing virtual learning challenges, that many of our students have missed instruction which highlights the need for high quality, targeted instruction for our students who need it the most beyond the regular school year. We will maximize learning opportunities for students in the area of reading and math instruction for grades K-8, keep a focus on students who are in critical transitions and ensure credit recovery for our high school students.  This strategy allows for continuity of instruction and/or re-engagement after disruption in learning.

We look forward to our students continuing their learning with us throughout the summer either in-person or virtually. We appreciate that some families are making their summer plans and are eager for their children to join us in Summer Semester. See below for more detailed information by grade level.  4K-8th grade invitations will be emailed to families the week of March 15 with Enrollment instructions. Enrollment opens March 19 and closes April 22.


  • Engage students in high-quality instruction that is targeted to accelerate growth in key skills so that students finish Summer Semester better prepared for the upcoming school year

  • Provide students the opportunity for credit recovery to stay on track for graduation 

  • Support the transition from 4K to 5K, 5th to 6th, and 8th to 9th

Summer Semester Information

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